The FF KICKSTART PROGRAM is a NUTRITION, MOVEMENT & MIND MASTERY program focused on holistic wellbeing. The combination of FF style training, nutritional support and mental strength will help members TRANSFORM their lives.

About Us

The Fitness Fanatics Crew

It's intimidating to join a fitness class for the first time. Not knowing anyone. Surrounded by people who are way above your level.

That's why Fitness Fanatics is different.

You'll be graded and sorted into either white, red, or black (beginners to advanced). And you'll train with people who are at your level.

You'll also be buddied up with a more experienced member, so you're not alone.

This is for:

Mums who need inspiration and a boost in their energy

Dads who want to regain and maintain their fitness

People of all ages who are just getting into fitness and want a fun supportive community

People that enjoy working out in fresh open air with a team of likeminded people

Anyone with a drive to improve their fitness and health

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Why us?

So you're thinking of becoming a Fanatic? If these are musts for you, you're in the right place:


Our FFamily isn't a place where you just pop in for a workout. It's where you go for motivation, support, and inspiration. It's where you meet your second family

Proven Results

You're here to see change. Whether it's physical or mental, our community will keep you accountable and ensure you stay on track.


Turn your results into something tangible. Grading sessions allow you to advance through the ranks of white, red, and black as you improve.

Our Services


45 minute classes that improve your strength, mobility, and fitness.


Learn how to manage your nutrition to help you achieve your weight-loss goals faster.

Online Training

Get many of benefits of face-to-face training, delivered online to give you flexibility and convenience


Turn your fitness journey full throttle, and pack in weeks of learning into one workshop.

Come join Fitness Fanatics movement for $1 a week

Limit to the first two weeks only

  • Step 1

    Initial mobility and movement assessment, to sort you into your skill level (white, red, black)

  • Step 2

    Goal mapping session to help you determine what you want to achieve and how you can achieve it

  • Step 3

    1-week of unlimited sessions so you can familiarise yourself with the Fitness Fanatics crew.


  • 1. Basics

    Set Your Goals & Assess

  • 2. Build Up

    Build Up Strength, Fitness & Mindset

  • 3. Transform

    Maintain Your Transformation



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