Master the BASICS of movement & mobility to BUILD UP your strength, fitness and mindset to finally make that lifelong TRANSFORMATION of mind & body within our supportive Fitness Fanatics community.


Feel Inspired, empowered & supported within Team FF, to take the steps towards achieving a sustainable transformation.


Fitness Fanatics Family
Create a positive environment
Provide knowledge to empower you to reach your goals
We assess to ensure your progress
Coaches that genuinely care
Set goals and surpass them
Promote balanced lifestyles
Celebrate successes
Together We All Achieve More
Encourage and inspire you to believe you can

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Aylin Darjani


I have dedicated the last 10yrs of my life to helping people be the absolute best version of themselves & I've loved every minute. I love learning and sharing my knowledge with others.

I'm a huge believer of the power of the mind. I believe a person's physical change begins in the mind. If your goals are realistic and aligned with your values, you will reach them.

My goal is to bring together a community of supportive, Inspired and empowered group of like-minded people, that we call TEAM FF.


2011 Cert III
2012 Cert IV
Current first aid
2013 Thump boxfit
2015 Strength system lvl 1 - (By Australian strength coach -Sebastian Oreb )
2017 May- Metafit & metapwr trainer
2017 June- Chfi performance nutrition coach level 1 & 2
2018 April- muscle mechanics- Coach Eugene Teo
2018 November- Advanced methods & Concept to Body Comp Changes - CHFI - Wolfgang Unsöld
2019 February- The Art of 'Gen Pop' Transformations- CHFI- Coach Mark Carroll
2019 May - Animal Flow Level 1


Strength & Conditioning
Body Recomposition
Health and lifestyle coaching


Coach Norm


As your coach, I believe that time is a key factor to any change one wants ….
time repairs heals & strengthens.

I want to help you bring back attention to yourself to your movement in order to do this I will help you believe that creating small doable habits with persistence is the key to lifestyle improvement.

What I found in my life being a husband, father of three teenagers has been the most beautiful journey. The only thing I found is that it was taxing on me giving and not giving myself back !!!

When you slowly master your mind and body movement the results are empowering. What happens is you’ll find that your everyday common movement like getting out of bed, getting off a chair, will begin to feel like a walk in the park.

Basically, move it or lose it.

I hold a black belt in martial arts,
Cert III & IV in fitness
First aid qualified

I have incorporated a training style that will bring you strength, flexibility, also learn the basics of self-defense, above all bringing back movement into your life.

If you are ready to make changes I am here to help you.

Come join Fitness Fanatics movement for $1 a week

Limit to the first two weeks only

  • Step 1

    Initial mobility and movement assessment, to sort you into your skill level (white, red, black)

  • Step 2

    Goal mapping session to help you determine what you want to achieve and how you can achieve it

  • Step 3

    1-week of unlimited sessions so you can familiarise yourself with the Fitness Fanatics crew.