Take part in 45 minute functional training classes that improve your strength, mobility, and fitness.

Get buddied up with one of the family on your first day. Get past the awkward not-knowing-anyone stage and straight into that one-of-the-crew mentality.

You'll be sorted into either white, red, or black depending on your current fitness, mobility, and strength. Meaning you'll be training with others who are at your level.

Come join the Fanatics crew.

We buddy you up so you're never alone

Train at a level that matches your abilities

Get motivated by the crew and make training easy

Create lifestyle habits that you'll keep for life

Improve your fitness, strength, and mindset


"Come & join the FF crew & train with a great bunch of people, no diva's here!...Be under no illusion, this is no walk in the park, but with Aylin's expertise & the group comradery everyone can reach their goals in a friendly environment."

Allan. P

Come join Fitness Fanatics movement for $1 a week

Limit to the first two weeks only