Our Transformations

Amani's Transformation - THE FF METHOD

Amani is a busy mum of 5 young adults and is in her early 50's.

Initial goal was to lose 5kgs and look amazing for her daughters wedding. She did the 12wk fatloss program and attended group classes.

 Due to the fact that she was undereating we had to spend the first 6wks of the program actually increasing her calories in order to have a healthy starting point. This meant we were only left with 6 wks in an actual diet phase.  

The results below were achieved in a 6wk diet phase. 

Bodyweight: 5.7kg dwn

Body fat: 7% dwn 

Total body 28cms dwn

Joanne's Transformation - THE FF METHOD

Joanne is a female in her early 30's that is looking to start a family and wants to be in the best shape in order to have a healthy pregnancy and be a fit mum to her children.

She joined our 12wk fatloss program and attended group training classes.

We increased the volume of nutritious food she was eating and set her a plan that she enjoyed and found easy to follow. We gave her regular planned breaks in order to ensure she didn't miss the chance to enjoy social outings.

She has learnt how to reach her goals whilst still enjoying a balanced lifestyle.

Bodyweight: 11kg dwn
Waistline: 13.5cm dwn
Total cms lost: 39.3cm dwn

Rebecca's Transformation - THE FF METHOD

Rebecca is a young busy mum who wanted to lose weight whilst still breastfeeding her baby.

Initial goal was to lose 3.5kgs.

We doubled that and improved her mood, energy and gave her the tools she needed to maintain her results whilst living a happy, balanced lifestyle. She was able to continue to breastfeed during the entire program.

Bodyweight: 6.8kg down

Body fat: 5% down

Total body 21cms down

Jessica's Transformation

I never realized how this experience would transform my life. Aylin provided me thesupport I needed to learn how to exercise effectively and safely push my body toreach it'spotential, but she also provided valuable support on a personal level. Shemade me see what I deserve (a healthy life-physically and mentally), showed methat I am strong and that I am valuable.Each session I would come home withconfidence at being able to do more reps or being able to lift more weight.I still have a long way to go and a lot of goals I want to accomplish. I notice myselfdreaming bigger now, and instead of saying, "I could never do that," instead Iwonder "how long will it take for meto be able to master that?" My experience withFF has been so much more than I thought it ever could be...and slipping into size 10skinny jeans does feel pretty good too!

Tim's Transformation

When I started training with Aylin from Fitness Fanatics, I was in my mid-thirties.
I was focused on my career, family and friends and neglected myself thinking I needed to give my best to everyone and everything else.

What I didn't realise is I couldn't do any of them to my full capacity because I was not running at my full capacity. I was depressed, obese and in a very unhealthy place both mentally and physically.

Through my 2 years of time training regularly at Fitness Fanatics, I have grown and learned how to be mentally, emotionally and physically healthy. Now I am 14 kilos lighter than when I began but training with Fitness Fanatics is not just about losing weight, it's about doing life properly.

Now I am a better husband, parent, friend and worker than ever before.
I have less anxiety, feel more confident about who I am and better equipped to do life in general.

I cannot overstate the change in my life that training with Aylin at Fitness Fanatics has caused. While I am not yet where I want to be both mentally and physically but I completely trust that with Fitness Fanatics, I will get there.

If you are looking for coaching about real life long change to make you the best you that you can be, you cannot find a better place to begin that journey. You will be pushed, you will be challenged, you will be taken to discomfort and sometimes to your point of failure - because that's where you grow and after some time like me you will look back at what was hard and now see it as easy.

Stella's Transformation

My experience with Fitness Fanatics has been life changing. It's not just about physical strength but also mental strength and inner growth. Yours shows with our results.