Our members are awesome, and we can prove it!


Congratulations to Crystelle who has been awarded FF's M.O.M!
Here's what he has to say about Team FF......

"I joined FF at the beginning of this year to become fitter stronger and healthier. I am so happy that I feel more confident and better in myself. I am so proud that when I challenge myself and set a goal I now actually complete it. 💪

Being an FF member means that I have become fitter and healthier with encouraging people especially my trainers"


Congratulations to Ashley who has been awarded FF's M.O.M!
Here's what he has to say about Team FF......

"I found myself stuck in a rut working long hours, coming home and doing nothing. My kick in the butt was being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I wanted to better my health so I could manage it in the best way possible.

Since joining I have found myself feeling less stressed with a more "get up and go" attitude and overall more energy! 🏋️

Every session I complete I see as a proud moment but the best would have to be receiving this award, it means so much!
Being an FF member means so much to me. It has really turned my lifestyle around and has left me feeling much happier day to day. It's not just any normal fitness class... it really is a family. 💯

Aylin and Norm are fantastic, so is everyone I workout with!
Thank you FF family!"


🏆 Member Of The Month -May 21 🏆
Congratulations to Melissa who has been awarded FF's M.O.M!
Here's what she has to say about Team FF......

"I joined FF as a part of my self - improvement journey, with a goal to lose half my bodyweight. Since joining FF I have achieved weight-loss, better balance, improved flexibility, muscle strength.

My mental health has also benefitted dramatically.

My proudest moments are, being able to do movements and exercises that felt near impossible the first time I tried them, in particular those side kicks! Also completing 50 sit ups without stopping.

Being a team FF member means support and motivation to me. Everyone is so friendly & team spirited!

Thank you guys for always being so encouraging! ❤️ "


🏆 Member Of The Month -May 21 🏆
Congratulations to Meriam who has been awarded FF's M.O.M!
"I first joined FF to get back to my pre baby pre husband weight but it wasn't long after joining that I realised how much I needed this for me. As wives and mums we give so much of ourselves away. Team FF helped me to rediscover myself as an individual and how much I missed being outdoors and active.
Since joining I've lost 11kgs and although I'm not at my goal weight just yet, I've gained a much better understanding of fitness and living a balanced lifestyle and feel so much stronger and happier for it.
Since joining FF 6months ago, I can now do 10+ consecutive burpees. (Once upon a time that seemed impossible). 6 months on, I still don't love them 😂 but I love that I CAN now do them.
I was finally able to go Rock climbing with my boys instead of just watching them, but to date, my proudest achievement by far is feeling confident in my skin again, something I hadn't felt in a long time.
Team FF is a powerhouse filled with amazing individuals that truely inspire and motivate me every single session. Whether you've been there 1 day or 10 years you're automatically treated as part of the family and I love that I get to be apart of that.
Norm & Aylin are an amazing duo who don't miss a beat. They will play on your strengths and push you to new heights every time. (Oh...and there's also the little treats at the end of class...not a bad incentive 😉).


🏆 Female Member Of The Month - December 2020 🏆

Congratulations to Ramia Jajo who has been awarded FF's M.O.M! 😍

"We often take the simplest things in life for granted such as breathing, getting out of bed and going for a walk. Before joining Fitness Fanatics these simple things were the hardest things for me to do. I was born with a lung condition that worsened as I got older. The deterioration leads me to need a double lung transplant. I've been part of Fitness Fanatics for 12 months. The reason I joined is that I want to make the most out of this second chance I've been given. Ensure I wake up every day knowing that I took care of my health and be ready to face any medical challenges. We don't realise how important our health is until it's too late."

"Since joining Fitness Fanatics I have achieved many things I never thought were possible and things I only dreamt of. There was a time when I couldn't walk without difficulty and now I can run and do burpees"😱😱

"Just showing up to the sessions makes me proud. Every session challenges me and giving it all I can make me proud."

"Team FF is a family I'm so grateful to be part of. Aylin and Norm have always been there for me, always encouraged and supported me through all my challenges. Every member of FF is so welcoming. They all challenge each other and help each other grow. Its been a blessing to be part of this family. No one lets you give up. They show you what you're capable of."


🏆 Female Member Of The Month - December 2020 🏆

Congratulations to Shirley Broadhead who has been awarded FF's M.O.M! 😍

A member of Team FF for over 9 years has seen Shirley reach achievable goals and a commitment to be the best version of herself.

"I'm honoured to receive the team FF member of the month. My goals are quite simple however they allow me to pursue a version of myself where I can live to the fullest.

"With my developed fitness levels always increasing, it allows me to succeed within my workplace and also in my personal life with the ability to keep up with my amazing grandkids."

"I absolutely love my FF team for their continuous support and encouragement. You have allowed me to build confidence just to be me! Thank You"

"Norm and Aylin do not only just support the transformation of individuals, but They also build a thriving and supportive community environment that feels like family."

I am so appreciative to be part of team FF.


🏆 Female Member Of The Month - November 2020 🏆

Congratulations to Noushig Taouk who has been awarded FF's M.O.M! 😍

"Being a mum of 3 I decided to join team FF to do something for myself. I wanted to improve my fitness and lose the extra kilos I gained from 2 pregnancies and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight."

"Since joining team FF and participating in the fat loss program I have lost almost 14 kilos in 6 months. With this, my strength has improved and am able to train with heavier weights. I was able to achieve this with the support and guidance of Aylin."

Being part of the FF family is truly amazing. The coaches and the amazing people that attend the sessions inspire me to keep pushing and achieving the goals I have set.

"Aylin you are truly amazing and I am so grateful we have crossed paths. I would not feel as confident as I do in my own skin if it wasn't for you!"


🏆 Male Member Of The Month - November 2020🏆

Congratulations to Joe Ayala who has been awarded FF's M.O.M! 😍

Joe has been a member of #teamff for 3 years.

One of his main reasons for joining was to become a fitter, healthier person where he could overcome lower back pain problems.

Joe has dedicated himself to his training, where his endurance and core strength have increased that lower back pain is no problem anymore. 🙌🏻🙌🏻

It's safe to say Joe is feeling stronger & fitter than he ever has.

Here's what he had to say ......

"I'm so proud that I have achieved my personal goals and now are setting new ones."

Being a member and apart of a team that motivates, encourages and grows together makes huge difference in achieving my goals. It's all about having fun and pushing one another to our limits.


🏆 Male Member Of The Month - October 2020🏆

Congratulations to Chafic Rahme who has been awarded FF's M.O.M! 😍

Chafic has been a member of #teamff for 18mths.

After seeing the awesome health & fitness achievements of his wife, he decided to take the plunge & join us.

One of his main reasons for joining, other than overall well-being, was to strengthen his body & achieve better mobility.

When he first joined Chafic could not run or perform most basic functional movements due to knee injuries & several slipped discs in his spine.

He is now running & has just recently lifted a perfect 100kg deadlift 🙌🏻🙌🏻

It's safe to say Chafic is feeling stronger & fitter than he ever has.

Here's what he had to say ......

"It took me a long time to realise that my
body needs to be stronger thx to my wife she convinced me to join her with team ff.

I had a few back and knee injuries that stopped me from working, walking and getting up in the morning was a nightmare.

After training over a year now I can do all these without any problem.

Now I am proud that I am able to run and deadlifting 100 kg without pain .

Being a member with this wonderful team means long healthy happy life .

Thank you Aylin I wish I listened to my wife 5 years ago 😂😂 .... anyway it is never too late !! "


🏆 Female Member Of The Month - October 2020🏆

Congratulations to Stephanie Halteh who has been awarded FF's M.O.M! 😍

"My journey so far has been great and I love every bit of it! I decided to join FF when I noticed how unfit/weak I was, I knew I needed to do something about it and Sabrina didn't stop bragging about how great you guys were!

That's when I took a leap and signed up! Best decision I've ever made, I love the training!

Since joining the team, I feel stronger, confident and happy! Both my mental and physical health has taken a turn for the better!

My proudest moment by far is that I don't rely on my asthma puffer as much as I used to and I've learnt how to breathe properly whilst exercising and especially running!

I love that I'm part of a friendly, happy, positive environment and being treated like family! You never know what to expect when you walk into training but always walk out feeling great!

Thank you Aylin & Norm! It's been great so far! Norm cant wait to learn new dance moves!!!


🏆Female Member Of The Month - September 2020🏆

Congratulations to Sangeetha Viswanath who has been awarded FF's M.O.M!😍
"Being in a corporate job, things can get quite hectic and stressful. I was in a similar situation when I finally decided to take control of my physical and mental wellbeing. I joined Team FF nearly a year and a half ago and haven't looked back since.

Since joining this amazing team, I can proudly say that I not only feel fit physically but also mentally. I feel so much more confident and more importantly happy. I've also come to realise that food plays such an important role in fitness and that there is no such thing as a "bad food" as long as we moderate. I can't thank Aylin enough for always helping me out and for pushing to aim higher.

My proudest moment since joining the team has to be picking up the bar. When Aylin first introduced me to the bar, I freaked and told her I can never pick this up. Today, I am able to lift heavy and I hate it when Aylin says "we're not using the bar today"! That's how much I enjoy it.

Being a Team FF member means so much to me. I've met some amazing people and coaches (Aylin and Norm) who have now become a part of my life and I'm so glad that I'm part of the FF family. Learning from each other's experiences has been one of the best things ever. Thank you Aylin, Norm and the all the amazing people that make this a dream team ❤️"


🏆Male Member Of The Month - September 2020🏆

Congratulations to Neil Spargo who has been awarded FF's M.O.M!

Neil joined Fitness Fanatics in 2019 to improve his health, lose weight and build strength. Since registering for FF's personal coaching programs, Neil has lost 25kgs and feels much stronger and healthier than this time last year. In just over 6months, Neil has halved his medication and is no longer at risk of other health issues! What a champion! We are incredibly proud with the amount of determination and commitment Neil has shown to improve his physical wellbeing. 🙌🏼

Here is what our man Neil has to say:�

"Losing the first 10kgs quickly was a great motivator for me. Thank you so much, Aylin, for you continual encouragement to help me lose weight. I have not only improved my body, but am now part of a team with the best fitness coach in the world. Thanks for all your help. 😀"


🏆Male Member Of The Month - August 2020🏆

What an outstanding achievement! Since joining, Eddie has registered for our 12 week coaching program and lost 65.5cm off his body and a total of 9.5% body fat! 👏🏼👏🏼

Here is what Eddie has got to say about reaching his goals:

"Fitness Fanatics what can I say? Making that first call Meeting with Aylin and discussing my goals; once that was done the wheels were put into motion. 6 months later I feel great and I'veI achieved soo much.

Weight loss ✅
Dropping clothing sizes ✅
Buying 2 new belts ✅

Thank you to everyone for the huge support and making me feel part of the team."


🏆Member Of The Month - August 2020🏆

Here's to another hard working member, Bec, who 's received a well deserved M.O.M award for the month of August!😁

"Since starting with FF, I felt ashamed, less confident and felt yuck, bloated! I wasn't able to run without stopping and feeling like my chest was on fire. Now I can run a full lap without stopping and still not 100%, but hey I am feeling fitter! I struggled to do sit ups and push ups, yet now I'm smashing it!

Every challenge Aylin and Norm throw at me I put in 100%. Being apart of this team means I have more family members to support and help me reach my goals. We share humour and laughter and sometimes we hate the coaches, but at the end, all progresses are a win. This team is my life saver and I'm so grateful to be apart of it!
Thank you again to both of you!! I'm so glad Mahni recommended me to you guys because the motivation I now have is the best!"


🏆Male Member Of The Month - July 2020🏆

Here's to another outstanding achiever, Faheem, who 's received a well deserved M.O.M award for the month of July!😁

Faheem has been an FF member since October 2019 and has lost a total of 19kgs since joining. We are absolutely speechless with the amount of effort and dedication Faheem has shown throughout his entire membership with Fitness Fanatics. 👏🏼👏🏼

"Joining Fitness Fanatics was the best ever decision I made in my life! Aylin has not only helped me transform my body (which I never believed I could) but also helped me gain confidence in myself. I am proud to say, I am a different man - full of confidence and energy. Training with Aylin and Norm is loaded with fun, laughs and pain, which has helped me relieve stress and reach my fitness goals.

Caution: it's addictive. The best thing you would like to get addicted to!"

What a HUGE achievement! Faheem's journey began with his commitment to losing 10kgs in our 12week fatloss program. Thereafter Faheem continued on his own by applying the principles he learnt during the program. He maintained a healthy meal plan and consistently trained with our group classes. 8kg later and Faheem has proven to us that if you want to change and transform the way you live and see yourself, you've got to WANT it. When you find fitness, you find life. We are absolutely in awe of his resilience against the challenges of losing weight, and for all his amazing achievements, Faheem has received a prize from our friends at @elevatehealthclinic. We hope you enjoy your award Faheem, you deserve it!! 👏🏼


🏆Female Member Of The Month - July 2020🏆

Congratulations to Sabrina, a dedicated FF member that is committed to getting fit and building strength in both body and mind. When Sabrina first started Fitness Fanatics 11 months ago, she was at risk of developing liver disease and was encouraged by her doctor to lose weight as it would have a positive change on her body. 👌 Here is what our M.O.M has to say about her transformation:

"Being a member of Fitness Fanatics changed me mentally and physically. My biggest achievement is the new lifestyle I have adopted. I never thought I would have this much energy and be as strong as I am today. I am achieving new goals I never thought possible. Team FF is a great family which I am very proud to be a part of. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!😘"
We are not only proud of Sabrina, but extremely impressed by her dedication to transform herself from the inside out and her commitment to our effective fatloss programs that helped heal her liver issues in such a short amount of time.


🏆Member Of The Month September🏆

We are so proud to announce the female FF M.O.M for September is …….. Amani Moussa !

Amani has been training with FF for 8 years!!
Initially she started with a couple of days per week then gradually built herself up to where she is today.

Earlier this year, Amani had set herself a goal. To look her absolute best for her daughters wedding. We placed her on our elite fatloss program & her results were astonishing!!

In a matter of 12weeks, she lost 7.5% body fat whilst increasing her calories by 1150 per day!
So effectively she is now eating twice the amount of calories !!

We can honestly say she is a different person we met all those years ago. She is stronger both mentally and physically, she is fitter, happier and much more confident. We can hardly believe she is 52 years of age, a mother of 5 adult children & a soon to be grandmother 😆

At our recent #levelup assessments, Amani improved so much on her personal best that she earnt herself a Masters advanced status.

She trains 4-5 times/week. Why? Because we are so proud to say, taking an hour out of her day for self care has become a lifestyle for her. This doesn't happen overnight. Learning the importance of self care is something very important to us at FF.

We want to help you better yourself not just for today, or 12 weeks. We want to teach you the tools to change your life forever.

When we asked her to explain how FF has helped guide her in health and fitness journey, this is what she had to say.....

"Wow where do I start. Since I joined team FF I've come across many challenges that I thought were impossible for me to do. But with Aylin's help I found it possible to achieve a lot of my goals. Not forgetting to mention a lot of exercises too. My fitness has improved dramatically as well as my health & strength. The encouragement & environment of Team FF helped me through this too. It is great to be around people training with you knowing everyone is there for similar reasons.
Thanks Aylin & team FF"


🏆Member Of The Month September🏆

Look who has been chosen as our male M.O.M for September!

The funny thing is Allan Poole actually joined us by default. His lovely wife came to join us and when he saw the training style, he decided to become a member.
That was over 4.5 years ago!

🦸‍♂️Since joining Allan has gone from strength to strength, the lifestyle changes he has made are nothing less than admirable.

🏃‍♂️He took part in his first City To Surf run last year finishing in an awesome 98 mins! This year he then went on to smash his original time and completed his run in 88 mins.

🏋️‍♂️ Not only can this man run, but he can LIFT!
Allan can deadlift a whopping 100kgs, with perfect form 👌

At our recent #levelup assessments, Allan absolutely smashed his previous personal best scores to earn himself the Masters Level 1 Advanced status.

When asked what are the things he is most proud of achieving since starting with #FF this is what he has to say.

"Winning the 8 week challenge a couple of years ago, I've put on 11 kilos since starting FF which I'm happy about as I wanted to gain muscle. I never thought I would be able to run the CTS when I first started, it wasn't on my radar. I don't think I've been fitter than I am now & I think the presence of people like Melissa & Josh have pushed me to a new level as those 2 individuals are on another level."

13 13e

Congratulations to August Member of the Month Stuart Coventry 🎉🙌🏻

So proud of the level of dedication & commitment he has shown to The FF Method.

He has lost weight and increased his fitness & strength since starting with Fitness Fanatics.

What's best about this is not only how happy & energetic he now feels, but the carry over it has had on his relationships & his Golf game!!

Stuart recently came first in his division, which is something he's been working in for a while.

We're so proud of you Stuart!!